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Streamline your diagnostic workflow with AI-backed PACS software.

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Teleradiology Services

Faster and more accurate reports at a 25% lower cost

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AI reporting assistant for MRI spine. Save 70% of your reporting time.

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Fastest AI reporting assistant for stress X-rays of the spine.

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Transform your diagnostic center's
profitability with an RoI of up to 200%

Revenue optimization made better

Our AI-backed PACS software enables centralized workflow automation of your diagnostic center.

RADIOLens comes with role-based access and helps distribute the cases optimally across radiologists.

It allows you to leverage data and metrics to optimize resources and improve patient care within your lab and across your network – all from a single point.

Increased productivity

Synapsica’s advanced automation capabilities help you significantly reduce the turnaround time, freeing up your team's valuable time to focus on higher-level tasks and improve patient care.

RADIOLens offer a wide range of features, from image sorting to quantitative measurement and prefilling them in reporting templates. It also comes with gender-based reporting templates and customizable shorthand, making reporting faster.

With fewer tasks, radiologists can complete more studies without compromising on quality.

More referrals, better ROI

Synapsica's AI tools produce highly detailed and accurate quantitative reports, which are precisely what referring physicians need to make informed decisions.

By leveraging Synapsica's advanced technology, diagnostic centers can ensure that they receive continuous referrals from physicians, leading to increased revenue and a better return on investment.

24*7 Reporting made possible

Synapsica's AI-assisted teleradiology services allow diagnostic centers to operate 24/7, regardless of the availability of in-house radiologists.

Our advanced technology allows remote radiologists to review and interpret medical images quickly and accurately, providing your center with timely and reliable reports. This ensures that patients receive the care they need and helps diagnostic centers improve their efficiency and reduce turnaround times.

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Increased revenue

Reduced reporting errors

Remote reporting made easy

Easy communication

Readily available templates

Platform neutral

Impact on your radiology practice

Increase in referrals
Increase in cases read per hour
Reduction in TAT
Reduction in error rate

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